Friday, October 15, 2010

Totems: Cat

I thought I would start talking of totem animals within my blog posts, but I will try to not to make it my main focus of this blog.
What animal in particular I will featuring is a domesticated animal that has been along side mankind for centuries, it has been both loved and hated with a rich mythology spaning from Egypt to Japan. An animal associated with mystery and independence, yet also thought to have magical ability. The create with much self-love and worth with an amazing ability to relax. This is the cat.

Cats have been thought of more of as feminine, this may have to do with the goddesses cats themselves are associated with, especially the Egyptian goddess Bast. Other goddesses in association are Freya and Liberty. In a previous blog post I have mentioned the Maneki Neko, or Beckoning Cat, which is a well known item of luck in Japanese culture that is gaining popularity in western culture.

When we see cats we may see them relaxing, resting. Putting time aside to rest and relax is a lesson we can learn from cats. People with cat totems may get an indication or two to look at our sleep patterns if we don’t get told straight out to look at it. Maybe we need to do what cats do and have naps throughout the day; this may be what a cat totem or guide may suggest one to do, as it is truth that sleep in important.

Cats have a great intuition, so why not use your own? Cats do well with it and so do people, it might even be a great benefit to use it more often. The intuition of cats is said to be a great asset to its survival, and it could very well be used to help you survive. As I once heard a to-do list, “Get out of bed, survive, go back to bed.” From experience, this seems to be what a number of cats seem to have for a to-do list while doing what they want.

Cats also are thought to have an ability to sense magic and the paranormal unlike people, especially with seeing spirits.  If you have a cat, when practicing magic you could have your cat by your side as it is said that keeping a cat nearby is a good source of protection, especially as they have their sensitivity to otherworldly things.

Cats are thought to have healing powers, and interesting, the calming purrs cats send out helps people deal with depression and anxiety within people. But also remember the independent nature of cats, to do what they want to do and when you have a pet cat you will learn sometime that the cat owns you, not the way round.  The power to heal and to be independent are lessons taught by the cat totem.

If a totem contacts you I find it rude to not offer it something, if you know cats you will probably guess but for those who do not, fish and various kinds of milk will likely make good offerings but also take in mind that cat food can make a good offering, just keep an eye out on what is enjoyed and what is not.

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