Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Stories

Seeing as Halloween is here I thought I would do a little something for the special occasion. I always love to hear ghost stories, and do I have stories to tell.

The first tale is that the house I live within just sometimes has something going on. In my bedroom there has been a couple occurrences I can name, one involves me while the other my brother while when we were kids. The one involving me was not so scary but an odd experience, what I saw was like a large org made of light that went through the bedroom window and it moved slowly through my bedroom as I watched it.
With my brother, while in bed he saw a face on the ceiling. He tried to ignore it by closing his eyes and covering his face. Sadly, curiosity got the better of him and he had to check if it was still there. It was and he left the bedroom.

Another odd occurrence deals with my mother. In her bedroom at night she constantly feels cats walking around her feet when there are no cats around. In the past there was three family cats, one died while I was young and I cannot remember a thing about her, the death of this cat is a mystery as she went missing for a day and was found dead with several scratches by my dad. Another grew to old age and suffering so she was taken to a shelter to get better care, her death is not known. The third cat was about five or six in age when she was hit by a car and killed, she was found dead by my mother. It is suggested that the spirits of these three has been doing the walking on the bed my mother can feel.

A story I have heard deals with a school I went to in the past which closed down a few years ago. Several birds died around the school within a year of the school being closed, which was strange as birds almost never died around the school except in rare cases. In those rare cases those birds were given a burial, but those birds who died on school grounds after its closing never received a burial. Eventually the schools hall burnt down and its remains had to be torn down for safety reasons, people survived but rumour has it that rats died in the fire. As the school hall was torn down the rest of the school was torn down, too, and the remains of the birds and rats found but not buried, simply dumped elsewhere.
It is said that the spirits of those birds and rats remained on that very area where the school once stood, haunting the area. Rumour has it a being from another world was sent to protect those very spirits in the form of a dog. It is thought this dog is large and black furred, all so it cannot be seen while it roamed the former school grounds quietly at night protecting the spirits.

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