Thursday, January 13, 2011


Brides across the globe wear white, with brides wearing white in Japan to symbolize the death of the old family but the union of the bride and groom symbolizes the birth of a new family.

White, while it is associated with purity, cleanliness and neutrality, in China and Japan white is of death with white itself being a colour of mourning in China. White being the colour of death is probably due to bones being white.
In some parts of Africa, or so I have heard, white is also a colour of mourning with white representing death plus a lifeless desert in ancient Egypt.

Amongst medieval queens of Europe white was used in mourning rather then black as it is said to be the colour of deepest mourning, this tradition of European queens wearing white rather then black survived until the end of the fifteenth century. Queens of France also had the custom to wear ‘deuil blanc’, or ‘white mourning’.

Obviously, there is a symbol of surrender known across the globe which is the white flag. And in Victorian Britain an apparent coward would actually be presented with a white feather.

Dr. Jigor Kano, who was the founder of Judo, created divisions of students with belt colours so they can be given recognition for achievements where the white belt is of innocence, purity and the virginity of both mind and soul.
The white garment seen being worn in churches can be seen of innocence and purity but better known for the meaning of a sinless life while within the Bible white is unsurprisingly the colour of the divine.

White within a dream is thought of to represent happiness at home while white castles the symbol of three things, achievement, spiritual perfection and destiny being perfectly fulfilled.

In general, white and paler coloured flowers are more strongly scented then their dark counterparts. In landscaping white is used to brighten up a garden and a good choice for dark areas plus can be used as a background for other colours, with white itself actually being considered a neutral colour in landscape design.

White is associated with hospitals, doctors, nurses and dentists. Japanese people have been known to refer to nurses as Angels in White, with angels themselves associated with white.
Some even consider white to be the colour of royalty and/or of gods.

In the early days of a genre of movies, Westerns, the good guys actually wore white while the bad guys black.

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