Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday: Small Story

Over time people do have very memorable experiences of the world, and the most amazing thing is what happens to people. I, like many people, like a good story or two. I also have a story or two to tell of, and one thing that has stuck to me is a small moment in my life. Not the most amazing story but a story still.

I did something called work experience a couple years back for school, and for five days I was a gardener rather then a school student.
My work experience was as a gardener to my pleasure and luckily for me it also means going from place to place to do gardening. One thing I did during work experience was picking up the plant material that was left behind from someone else who was cutting back some plants. It wasn’t the most fun of things to do but for me it beats being at school plus it was quiet and peaceful despite being near a street that would get busy at times.

Next thing I hear is a bicycle, I turn to see some young girl who appeared about twelve was riding a bicycle on the middle of the road. I didn’t know who she was, never seen her in my life. This girl out of all things smiled and winked at me as if trying to be a flirt. I found this creepy considering how young this girl seemed to be nor did I know what to think of this girl either. I was just left looking at this girl ride her bicycle while I was left confused.

There were questions that did go through my mind at the time: Whose the girl? Why wasn’t she at school at the time? Why is she riding a bicycle in the middle of the road?
This small moment in time has stuck to me and on a personal level this is a story to look back at to get a little laugh.

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