Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chinese Zodiac: Pig

The Pig is number 12 of the Chinese zodiac and the last animal to appear. The Pig is also known as the Boar in Japan while the Elephant in Northern Thailand. The hours of the Pig is 9 to 11PM, direction being North-northwest. The saying of the Pig is, “I preserve” while the month of the Pig is November, its gemstone being the diamond and the colours black and royal purple.
The last Pig’s born are the Fire Pig’s who were born between 16th February 2007 to 6th February 2008 and the next Pig’s to be born are the Earth Pig’s from 5th February 2019 to 24th January 2020.

Pig’s themselves are people of sincerity, tolerance and even honour. These people aren’t the one’s to let others down and are the kind of people known for their kindness to others. While people may try to take advantage of the Pig, it won’t be an easy task to fool the Pig.

The Pig are easygoing people who are honest and expect honesty back. Pig’s like their peace and will do what’s needed to keep it. These people are those who do things for others rather then have things by others for them.

Pig’s are like Monkey’s in the sense of being intellectual and with a thirst for knowledge. Pig’s are however the one with a great adoration for food and are known to over eat.

In love, Pig’s are those who are sensitive and caring, one who is quite the romantic. Yet, it is the Pig who is possessive and jealous. The Pig is supportive while at the same time sexual, Pig’s generally tend to make good partners.

The allies of the Pig is the Rabbit and Sheep while the secret friend the Tiger.

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