Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chinese Zodiac: Rooster

The Rooster is the tenth animal of the zodiac and has the saying of “I know”. The hours of the Rooster is 5PM to 7PM, direction is west with the month being September. The gemstone of this sign is citrine while the colours white and violet. Between the 9th of February 2005 and 28th of January 2006 the Wood Rooster’s were being born and the next Rooster’s will be the Fire Rooster’s from 28th of January 2017 to 15th February 2018.

Rooster’s are observant people and tend to be very accurate plus precise with their observations. It is the Rooster who can be best described as neither complicated nor profound but very forthright and straightforward. These people are also multitalented.

It is not easy to fool Rooster’s and these people both are cautious and sceptical. Rooster’s like to be flattered and noticed, it is these people who are often attractive and beautiful. These people are also sociable people who are conscious about clothing and appearance.

The Rooster is a dreamer who are practical and resourceful, also making great hosts that love entertaining.

These people are highly loyal, keeping promises and always true to their word. In love it is the Rooster who will do what they can to get or keep the affection of their loved one, even putting themselves in harms way. It is the Rooster who will unlikely deceive or cheat on their partners. Emotionally passionate and have been known to lack commitment when it comes to serious relationships.

These people, besides being resourceful and talented they are known to be hardworking, Rooster’s are self-assured people who possess powerful personalities. The Rooster itself is dominant and notorious for this very dominance, yet also vain and boastful. Rooster’s make great small talk who are open and honest who can be a bit too blunt at times.

The allies of the Rooster is the Ox and Snake with their secret friend being the Dragon.

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