Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chinese Zodiac: Dog

The 11th animal of the Chinese zodiac is the Dog whose hours are 7PM to 9PM and direction is West-northwest. The Dog says “I worry” with their month October and gemstone being the diamond plus having the colours of yellow and turquoise. The latest born Dog’s are the Fire Dog’s from 29th January 2006 to 17th February 2007 and the next to be born Dog’s are the Earth Dog’s from 16th February 2019 to the 4th of February 2019.

Dog’s are known to be loyal, honest, faithful and sincere. It is this person who you can most count upon and who won’t let you down, you can even tell the Dog secrets without worry of having these secrets being told to others.

However, while these people will be a good companion when in a good mood, but in a bad mood the Dog is best described as nasty. Judgmental, defensive, temperamental, narrow-minded, stubborn and picky as it is what the Dog will be, yet will be the greatest companion you’ll find if you treat the Dog respectfully and with kindness.

Love wise, Dog’s will be very honest and straightforward but will have romantic problems probably their whole lives likely due to his own faults due to being anxious and doubting their own feelings. Dog’s tend to not care for money, power or success, which would motivate others, unless there’s a loving partner with a stable family and home life.

Dog’s themselves will value their friends highly, listening always to those friends in need of help and are amazingly attentive. Dog’s should sometimes pay more attention to their needs and are people who are known to worry a lot.

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