Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday: Victoria

It is nearing the end of school holidays throughout Australia, with some issues of when school starts for the year in Victoria. Some say it is on the first of February with others disagreeing and saying it is on the fourth. The reason for this is that on some calendars it says school starts within Victoria on the first and some calendars saying that the school year starts on the fourth.

This situation is unusual in itself as in my experience calendars usually agree with each other rather than disagree when the school year starts and ends, nor have I personally have come across this before. As a problem its really nothing to really worry about as people can simply call up their local school on the first and ask if school starts that day or on the fourth.

Besides that, the last time I have actually been updated on how the flood affected Queensland a day or two ago I heard Queensland is just a disaster zone and at risk of a cyclone. After hearing of that I haven’t really heard anything of what is going on.

There are also floods in Victoria. Some places in Victoria are still going to flood the last I heard, and people are using sandbags to try to stop their houses flooding. There have also been sandbags stolen or so I’ve been told.
I don’t really know what to think of this sandbag stealing business, all that I am left asking is why steal sandbags when you can ask for them? Apparently there are plenty for those who need some.

Hopefully over time I will become much better at making such posts as I did today, all I can suggest to myself is practice. Sounds like boring and generic advice, but from experience I know practice really does help.

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