Friday, September 14, 2012

Totem: Beaver

Beavers are a large rodent whose numbers within the US was considerably larger in the past. It is a creature known for chipping through wood and for making homes to protect themselves from predators.

The beaver itself teaches to try to make ones dream come true, to act on them and to make it all a reality. It may be difficult and it may be a long path, but the beaver teaches to aim for it anyways.

In order to accomplish something, you must work to make it possible. This totem teaches to work in order to gain accomplishments, to complete something. Work may be like a dream, it may be difficult and it can take a long time, but in the end it can easily be worth it all.

Priorities are important, and it is the beaver that teaches to have our priorities straight. While accomplishing something on trying to make dream a reality, priorities can be problematic at times. Looking at ones priorities and making sure they will work in the long run is needs to be done.

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