Monday, September 17, 2012

Gods And Goddesses: Xochiquetzal

Xochiquetzal is the goddess of fertility, love, beauty and female sexuality. She is the protector of young mothers and patron to those who are pregnant and artists. Xochiquetzal's name means "Flower Petal."

She has a twin known as Xochipili and she had Tlaloc as a former husband. Xochiquetzal was married to Tlaloc until Tezcatlipoca kidnapped her and forcer her to marry him. She also rules over the day known as Xochitl.

Seduction of a priest was done by this goddess, who then turned the priest into a scorpion to show her power. Xochiquetzal also encourages sex as a means of pleasure over reproduction. She also got to witness the creation of both gods and husmans, where she is said to be the creator of humans.

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