Monday, September 3, 2012


A particular thing amongst religions is the growing of hair regardless if it on the head or facial. Within the pagan community I have found a lack of comments made towards the growing of hair, this struck me as odd due to the diversity of the pagan community.

An argument in particular for the growing of hair, head or facial, is that a deity for one reason or another demands it to be grown or cut off. I haven’t heard of a pagan deity whom demands this, although it wouldn’t be a surprise if a deity expected hair to be grown out or clean cut if a person becomes a devote. Another argument goes in a rather interesting direction, where it is said hair gives power but another argument states hair takes away power. This leaves a person to choose which to believe, to either shave all their hair off to gain more power or to grow it for the same effect.

About a month or two ago I heard that many Taoists in the past have grown out their hair, beards and moustaches, leaving them uncut, as it is natural for it to grow. Why I haven’t heard this naturalistic argument used by a pagan for the growing of hair may have been missed completely by me, but it remains an argument I haven’t seen used by a pagan as of yet. It is this particular argument I myself adhere to, as I see in nature the growth of hair from the top of the heads and faces of people.

Amongst what could be said, hair seems to have some of power regardless of the multiple views people may take upon it. Hair or lack of thereof has its own power and says something about the person.

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