Thursday, September 20, 2012

Melbourne Rally

Swaybah Javed is a woman getting plenty of attention as of late for cancelling her rally this Sunday at Melbourne's State Library. She apparently invited 1,800 people though social networking, yet there is bound to be concerns that something may happen. Police have apparently planned for the worst and are on high alert. Islamphobia is unsurprisingly heightened. Concerns for the safety of Muslims has arisen.

Perhaps I am being an idiot with wanting to go to the State Library Sunday to see if anything interesting happens, regardless I wouldn't be surprised if something does happen. I see no reason as to why some would throw the cancelled rally out the window and rally anyway at the State Library. I hold to the personal saying of "There's always that one person" and considering the attention the rally has gotten it shouldn't be a surprise if there is a rally still done by even a small amount of people. To my concern, only the best can be hoped and if lucky the rally will not happen. People tend to be violent and there are probably people expecting a higher level violence to occur within Melbourne this Sunday regardless, possibly even people purposely being violent for the hell of it.

On a side note, French magazine Charlie Hebdo is also getting plenty of attention for its cartoons of Mohammed. Through worries of safety of France and its people have come alive, I must give support of the cartoons and the magazine for publishing the cartoons. They are sticking to the rights to express themselves and to freedom of speech, with any severe action taken in response to try to scare these people being a true disgrace.

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