Friday, March 23, 2012

Totem: Worm

Worms are well known for being creatures of under the earth and thought to be able to become two worms when cut in half by some. They are used for the purpose of consuming natural wastes such as leftover food to create a fertilizer.

There is nothing wrong getting dirty and work that gets one dirty is promoted by the worm. The most basic form of this is through one’s job, where it is expected to get dirty, it can be a job involving sewers or cleaning up. Sadly, this cannot always be done and it has to be done in spare time and can be easily done with gardening itself.

The worm also reminds how the past influences the future, a ripple effect. Everything done in the past affects those around, allowing the present to be as it is, and helps shape the future even in the most minor of ways.

To the worm, the earth is given great focus by it as it is its home, a place to live and a place to care for. Helping the earth is a great thing to do and should be done, whether it be environmentalism, minimalizing waste or reducing waste.

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