Thursday, March 1, 2012

Screenshot Remembrance

Above is a fairly recent video that I ended up finding within a day or two days after it was posted. I personally was given a surprise when I first noticed this video considering how recently posted it is. Before seeing this video I knew of Jessica Ahlquist, what she is was trying to do and the threats made against her.

Today I remembered a slight detail about the threats made; I saw screenshots of some of the said threats and negative comments. These screenshots are also easy enough to find through a search engine. The importance of this is the fact that these are screenshots posted onto the internet.

Plenty of the threats and negative comments directed at Jessica were on Twitter, with the name, photograph and username of the person being clearly visible by their posts. I cannot help but view this as laughable seeing as screenshots of their threats and related negative comments are tied to their names and usernames, which just also includes photos of their faces. Congratulations to these people, for your faces and names will be associated with such things as stupidity and hatred across the globe.

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