Friday, March 30, 2012

Totem: Wasp

Wasps are the insect which stings multiple times and has the yellow and black markings. It can be an insect which gives benefits to its ecosystem, or if introduced to an area it may cause problems. It can, alike to bees, cause reactions in people that they sting.

Organization is a reminder the wasp gives, teaching that order is needed. The wasp sees no use in being disorganized or lack of order. Relatedly, the wasp also teaches to protect order when it is attacked.

Team work is one of things that remain a must as the wasp tells. One can work on their own but team work is a need regardless if it is sooner or later. Sometimes work with others is a first priority, and it is to be learnt.

Productivity in the work place is important, and the wasp agrees on the
importance of productivity. It teaches how to look inwards at how productivity can personally be increased.

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