Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gods And Goddesses: Lei Gong

Lei Gong is the god of thunder whose name means “Duke of Thunder” and is also called Lei Kung and Lei Shen (meaning “Thunder God”). His appearance takes on with claws, bat wings and a blue face with a bird’s beak, and typically only wearing a loincloth. He will also not enter a house where sex is taking place; with images of sex having the same effect.
A drum and mallet is carried by Lei Gong for producing thunder and a chisel for the punishment of evildoers (who he punishes under the order of Heaven, typically those guilty of secret crimes and spirits who use knowledge of Taoism to harm humans).

He has assistances helping him, with Dian Mu being his wife that helps by sending bolts of lightning, Yun Tong makes clouds, Yu Zi sends downpours, and Feng Bo sends winds. With the goddess Dian Mu, the two had a son called Lei Zhenzi.

Originally a mortal who came across a peach tree from Heaven, to which when Lei Gong bit one of the peaches he turned into a human with bird wings. Soon after a mace and hammer was given to him so he could create thunder; this is how Lei Gong became a god.

Lei Gong once accidently struck an old woman with lightning, breaking her arm. Apologizing, Lei Gong threw down a bottle to the old woman, telling her to rub the ointment in it on her arm. Doing so healed the arm, with other villagers noticing this decided to keep the ointment for moments it is needed again. Lei Gong made the bottle so heavy no one could lift it before having the bottle fly into the air and disappear.

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