Monday, March 19, 2012


Change is one thing that can be expected in life with absolute certain. It can be alike to death in aspect of being the kindest friend or the cruellest beast, where of which it remains truly in shadows until it happens. With change, it is to be learnt to be accepted (alike with death).

Certain changes become normal early on, aging, the gain or loss of someone or something important, a new leader of the country. Many changes remain uncertain and hence feared. A change may be one that brings blessings, a time of greatness, or go in the completely opposite direction with sadness and despair filling the surrounding air.

Such uncertain changes need to be dealt with, experience being a factor of how to deal with the change that proves to create a tough period. Experience proves impractical when young, with history being a tool to learn from. As time goes on experience gives power as it allows for better understanding, something youth does not have, where learning from the older generations is a tool that is useful.

Change may be positive and easy to deal with, but dealing with negative change can be a very tough time. Knowing how to deal with change is understanding, first-hand experience and learning how it was dealt with from others first-hand experiences being the means to gather the needed understanding.

Change itself is normal, it is a blessing and it is a curse. Ability to deal with changes come along, major and minor, are personal as many changes are.

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