Monday, May 7, 2012

Joyous Brooding

The teenage years can be described as a rollercoaster due to its ups and downs. For some, this stage of life is easier while others certainly more difficult. Being generally negative and brooding is just going to make things more difficult, especially if around those who do not want to deal with it.

One problem for teenagers is dealing with a variety of people at school. It can be annoying as other students are those who they wish to distance themselves from and teachers who are bothersome to deal with. This can be useful in the long run as learning how to deal with a variety of people is gained. Whining about a certain teacher, who is alike to that boss who was painful to deal with, is not going to help.

A girl in particular decided to take up whining about a teacher who she has little success in dealing with during her spare time, rather learning how to deal with this teacher for the time she has him as a teacher. Being negative and simply insulting her own intellect, later to only claim she is more intelligent than the teacher without evidence of it being true, is apparently the best course of action.

Looking at it, being negative about ones intellect not is exactly the best position to take. People generally are going to have some if not extensive knowledge in a particular subject or two, even more. While a person may be knowledgeable in certain subjects, there are many more subjects any person could learn. In this context, people will remain unenlightened about majority of what there is and has been. While this is the case, there is no need to whine about self-stupidity. Some are going to have higher intelligence and others going the opposite direction. Such is life. One way or another, everyone can be considered an idiot.

On the other hand, if a claim is going to be made be prepared to back it up with some sort of evidence. There is always that particular person who is going to ask for a claim to be backed up. As lovely as it can be to make claims, there is going to be that one person who is going to be asking for evidence whenever a claim is made.  Whatever said can also be told to others and easily cause unneeded attention and trouble.

It is a matter of thinking before speaking or acting. Solutions or better ways around a problem tend to exist in some shape of form and typically better to take over complaining about it.

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