Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fun News

Typically when the news is on I am rather uninterested and tend to only care for the weather at most. Yesterday from watching the news there was mention of the Pope’s butler gaining charges for leaking information on the Catholic Church. Apparently there have been a few problems within the Church such as corruption that got leaked, which lead to quite a bit of embarrassment and eventually the butler being charged.

There is only one thing I have been curious about. If there is a problem or problems, why not be public about it to save future and a likely worse embarrassment? It can be used to possibly gain some help or at least offers of it. On top of this, it will only give sour views of the Catholic Church and give people reason to turn away from Catholicism, even Christianity as a whole. Certainly not what many people wish to happen.

As lovely as it is to talk of the Pope and the Catholic Church, this morning on the news a mention of Justin Bieber possibly gaining charges of battery took me by surprise. It is one of those stories that probably shouldn’t take my interest considering I take little regard for news relating with celebrities. As much as Bieber is both loved and hated, the amusement from the fact that he attacked a photographer is there. As annoying as the photographer apparently was to Bieber, there are probably many hoping for Bieber to get punished by law for what he did to the man he assaulted.

With the Catholic Church and Justin Bieber somehow catching my attention, drama is the winner for grabbing the attention of someone. Now it is likely me going back to wondering when the weather is to be reported once the news is back on.

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