Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gods And Goddesses: Susanoo

Susanoo, also called Susanowo, is the god of the ocean and storms, born from Izanagi like his siblings Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi.

Susanoo has a fierce temper which once caused Amaterasu to hide in a cave of Heaven. This lead to darkness filling the world, with Amaterasu eventually being tricked into coming out. Susanoo was banished to the province of Izumo to help prevent another similar incident to occur again, with Susanoo’s belongings also being taken away.

After this Susanoo had journeys, where he found the sword Kusanagi, and fought and slayed the multiple headed and tailed beast called Yamata no Orochi. Once his adventures had taken place he went to live with his mother Izanami in the underworld.

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