Monday, May 21, 2012


One of the lovely aspects of the internet is the access to news of other countries. TYT is something I keep my eyes upon, and with the above video I cannot help but think of how common it is to come across people with poor grammar and spelling. This is something that can be both amusing and saddening.

The whole point of grammar is to be able to communicate effectively, and when you do not do this there is chance that there will be confusion of what the meaning of the message is. All the more hilarity for the world to see for every poorly structured comment posted.

Looking at the grammar of people, and perhaps it is just me, but it seems people are just lazy. This easily could be the biggest problem when it comes to using proper grammar, even the lack of punctuation can be quite problematic as it can change the meaning of a sentence greatly.

The shown Facebook comment on this post is an example of a comment I saw recently with horrid mistakes within it, and I honestly had to think for a second. Hopefully what this Katherine was trying to state was, “And that’s why you never post off your phone. Hahaha.” Yet if I simply put in the needed proper spelling and punctuation the message becomes, “And that’s why you never do post off. You’re phone. Hahaha.” Lovely.

With the internet, the longer one spends on it the more likely an argument is to be noticed. The argument? “This is the internet, I can use whatever spelling/grammar/punctuation I want.” From what I have seen, people who make this argument tend to forget that others have the right to criticize mistakes, especially if numerous. Butchering a language, especially a first language, shouldn’t be acceptable when the language is understood.

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