Friday, April 13, 2012

Totem: Red Panda

The red panda, despite their name is not related to the panda, although it is an omnivorous animal which mostly consumes bamboo. A mostly solitary and nocturnal animal, it is also known as the lesser panda.

As an animal mostly alone it teaches that there is nothing wrong with being alone and how to gain nourishment and rejuvenation in loneliness.  Solitude is not a bad thing, where being alone can allow for rest and relaxation.

Gentleness is of the red panda, reminding that being gentle can help. Gentleness can be used to help think ahead, rather use other methods which may create a decrease in choice making.

While red pandas may be gentle, they seem to have a carefree attitude, also giving the teaching to give less worry and to enjoy life more.

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