Friday, April 6, 2012

Totem: Hare

Hares are fast moving mammals which are typically shy. They are similar to rabbits but have some differences, such as living in nests above ground rather living underground and being about to fend for itself soon after birth.

 The hare teaches of knowing when to move faster in life, or to slow down. Not only is it is moving faster or slower of importance, but so is double checking, just to be certain if all is done and nothing is missed.

 The hare is an animal found active at night, where it is willing to show the world of the night. As the night is mysterious the hare tells of the fine features of being mysterious.

 To be independent and vigilant is needed for the hare, where it’ll teach the importance of the two. The hare will rely on itself for survival, becoming independent. To survive, vigilance is to be on high guard. He hare will teach how to become both.

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