Monday, April 2, 2012

Now April

Various joys come from being curious enough to have a look around. One was which the Melbourne International Flower and Garden show, going in Saturday morning to start looking through the various plants for sale, artistic pieces and seeing what small gardens are being featured. For the last three years I have been going there, and there is of course the free newspaper. Oh the joys of getting a Herald Sun to read and a black bag to carry items.

Saturday proved to be a rather interesting end of March for me. I do personally play video games but typically do not have a reason to actually to blog about it let alone mention anything about it. However, I did go to a particular store during Saturday, EB Games on Swanston Street. I actually went there at the right time as a little event relating to a recently released game, Mario Party 9, occurred. Something I was totally unaware of. The StreetPass feature for my 3DS unsurprisingly got a bit of work during the time spent there. Quite a few interesting people were met, including a member of Nintendo staff, Jamie Wilson, who I must say is a rather charming man.

While March 31st got much of a mention, April’s Fools Day remained rather quiet for my end of the fence, just a relaxing Sunday without worry. Saddening that the quietness was all around, yet it happens.

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