Monday, April 16, 2012

Friday The 13th

Another Friday the 13th has past as of recent, being the second for the year. There is going to be one more in 2012, in July, and I am still waiting for a Friday the 13th where I have bad luck during the day.

Just as I wait for a Friday the 13th with bad luck on my behalf, a story I heard of a couple or so years ago about Friday the 13th keeps coming up in my mind. It likely is happening due to the fact that special day of ill fortune occurred recently.

The story itself is rather short; it is simply a man going onto a plane ride on Friday the 13th itself, noticing so few people on the plane. Curious as to why this is so, the man asks a woman working on the plane why so few are on the plane. It is explained people avoid flying on Friday the 13th and with this man poking a little at how it is silly to believe Friday the 13th is a day of bad luck. This man however has his new glasses fall off his face, breaking due to the fall, right after this and ends up, apparently, believing that Friday the 13th is a day of bad luck.

This very story has stuck with me since I first heard of it. In a way, has caught my imagination. Despite me not having any bad luck on this famous day that comes occasionally, perhaps I will be caught off guard one day and have something go wrong for me on a Friday the 13th.

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