Monday, February 13, 2012

Unusual Elderly Woman

There seems to be something special about using trains as transport seeing as you are bound to find various kinds of people on it. It can admittedly be annoying over one little fact; people cannot expect what will happen on the train while they are on there.

I had the joys of sitting opposite of an elderly woman who seemed absolutely terrified. How could I tell? It was the look on her face, and the fact she was silently talking to herself in a seemingly worried fashion. The reason for this? Two obviously Muslim women in their late teens or early twenties, making me question if the elderly woman would be terrified if the two Muslim’s were not wearing their hijabs

Variously during the train ride the very elderly woman looked over her shoulder to look at the two Muslim women before turning her head to the front of her body along with widening her eyes before talking silently to herself for several seconds. She was quite relieved for when the two Muslim women got off at their station, giving a big sigh of relief. I obviously noticed this considering how close I was sitting to this woman, and am wondering how many others gave notice yet alone how many people this elderly woman has unpleasantly reacted to in her verbal silence and widening eyes.

When this sort of thing pops up, it is certainly annoying to be so close to such a person seeing as what they will do next is unpredictable. The person could be harmless, but that is not definite.

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