Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Prunus armeniaca is the botanical name for the apricot, a small tree that grows between eight and twelve metres tall. It is one of the trees which produce fruit containing a single protected seed. This seed can be planted in its shell, but it may be up to two years before the seed finally gives out roots and begins to grow. If the seed is taken out of the shell, the seed can be grown in spring.

For the apricot, it is suggested that it is pruned after the harvesting of its fruit which occurs during the summer. Pruning itself will allow for shape, maintain health and can help with the improving of the colour and the quality of the fruit being produced.

Well-drained soil is needed for the apricot, and it is enjoys a pH of six to eight. It is tolerant of alkaline conditions, drought and hardy of winter conditions when dormant. Although it is sensitive to salt in the soil.

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