Friday, February 10, 2012

Totem: Bat

The bat is a widely recognised animal and is the only flying mammal. It comes in a variety of forms, with the vampire bat being the most recognisable of the bat species. This deity is also associated with the deity Fu.

It is taught to let go of any fears and old patterns that do not fit in, as old the old can be just as needed as fear. Just as the bat teaches to let go of the fears and unneeded patterns, changes are to be embraced. Changes can be difficult, but is a needed part of life.

Psychic abilities are indicated by the bat, so it may be wise to look into divination and the development of psychic abilities. It is through the development of psychic abilities that can help with the connection to the spiritual and the divine.

It is also the bat that gives challenge of development of spirituality.

Bats are social, and it gives suggestion of looking at one’s own social life. It might be time to connect better with friends, or to find friends of like mind.

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