Monday, February 27, 2012

Australian Politics And Weather

The joyous day has come to find out who will be Prime Minister of Australia at the end of the day. Depending on how one looks at it is either a good or bad thing that Julia Gillard remains Prime Minister. Drama wise, I’m personally glad that now it has been dealt with seeing as I find it annoying to see another drama within the field of politics.

And while drama is being mentioned, last night was a drama in itself. The area I live in was filled with loud winds and shocking humidity. The combination left me awake for a number of hours during the night. On another note, a house apparently was also struck by lightning and set alight during the heavy rain earlier on in the night.

Both the lack of sleep and the political drama probably isn’t the best combination. To say the least, I will happily enjoy reading or watching a drama but tend to want to keep my politics out of it. Perhaps it will be an idea to pick up a newspaper or two tomorrow for all the politically related drawings and articles created in todays honour, a good laugh could be used.

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