Friday, January 20, 2012

Totem: Emu

The emu is the flightless bird of Australia, with its size rivalling the ostrich but is the smaller of the two. It has two strong legs, allowing it to run quickly and walk far. A nomadic creature, the emu relies on plants and insects to survive.

As a nomadic bird, the emu does teach that adventures can soon be near. Why not explore and try to find what is sought after? It may be of ease as it may also be of difficultly, but exploring for particular things will be of various challenges.

The emu promotes great spiritual growth through what is needed to achieve such, hard work. To achieve greatness within anything, hard work is of necessity. This however does not mean one should grow arrogant, but remain humble.

Emus use stones to help themselves with digestion. As the emu does this, it teaches the power of stone magic, how to access the powers of stones and crystals.

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