Saturday, November 10, 2012

Look Out Rebecca Black!

Nicole Westbrook is taking a stand with her own horrible song titled "It's Thanksgiving". While Rebecca Black's "Friday" left me sighing for humanity, "It's Thanksgiving" has left me giggling uncontrollably. In comparison, while Rebecca reminded the world of how Saturday comes after Friday and Sunday follows afterwards, Nicole is nice enough to give reminders of when Christmas, New Years and Easter are. Nicole sadly falls short in that she doesn't tell the world when the 4th of July falls within the year; it is truly suspenseful. How is this Australian supposed to know when the 4th of July occurs?

It is through such lyrics as "Oh oh oh", "We we we"  and "And you, and you, and you" that truly moves me, it shows the extent of how annoying it goes to. If I ever truly wished to annoy people, I know what lyrics to repeat. These lyrics are easy to remember, making the usefulness of creating annoyance with such lyrics rather simple. It is only the matter of the other person's patience.

If I ever wanted a young girl to say "Fuck you" to someone as innocently as possible and to as many people as possible, a music video like "It's Thanksgiving" is a perfect example of a way to do it subtly. The problem being with this is that in the music video at the first instance of Christmas being mentioned we see a girl in the foreground giving what Americans know as the "peace sign", else where in the world including where I am from it is essentially a double "Fuck you" from this girl. Good job. It caught my attention right away and I honestly applaud this, though it is probably unintentional.

With the video being at 750,000 views, 2,600 likes and 21,400 dislikes after two days all I can say to Nicole is good luck. You'll need it.

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