Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gods And Goddesses: Dagda

Dagda is and Irish god referred to as the All Father and leader of the group called the Tuatha. He is the god of magic, time and protector of crops. His father is Elada, brother is Ogma and wife is Morrighan while he has a daughter called Brigit. Dagda is referred to as the Good God due to being the protector of crops. Dagda aso has an appetite for food and sexual gratification.

In Dagda's possession there is a cauldron called Undry which supplies unlimited amount of food and a living oak harp with the ability to change the seasons. The harp can play three types of music, of sorrow, of joy and of dreaming.

Dagda once had an affair with the wife of the minor god Nechtan, Boann, getting Boann pregnant. In response, Dagda made the sun stop setting for nine entire months so that Boann had their son, Aonghus, conceived and born in a single day. Later on when the Tuatha were forced into hiding due to invasions of Ireland, Dagda chose to divide the land amongst the gods and refused to give a section to Aonghus due to wanting Aonghus's land for himself. Aonghus tricked Dagda into surrendering the land, leaving the mighty god with no land or power.

Dagda played a part in a war against a group known as the Fomorians. Lugh sent Dagda to spy and distract the Fomorians while the Irish prepared for war. Dagda ended up coming across a woman washing her feet in a river. This woman was Morrigan and the two had sex. After the act, Morrigan told the plan the Fomorians had and Dagda went to the Fomorians camp for a truce. The king of the Fomorians would only accept the truce if Dagda could eat all from the King's biggest cauldron filled with porridge. Dagda ate from the cauldron, finishing all the food and fell asleep afterwards. Waking up, Dagda made sure the truce was kept.

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