Wednesday, June 27, 2012

White Turnip

The White Turnip is known as a root vegetable, it has the botanical name of Brassica rapa subspecies rapa. Its leaves are sometimes eaten, but the roots are more popular to eat either raw or cooked. It takes two or three months to grow a white turnip, but it can take as little as a month and a half for crops to be ready to be picked.

Sowing should occur in the summer with harvesting being when the white turnip is about the size of a golf ball. When sowing, the space between plants should be about 10cm apart due to the fast growing nature of this plant and the fact that turnips do not do well when transplanted. Overcrowding will damage the roots of white turnips.

White turnips are an annual which requires full sun and rich, well-drained soils that are a sandy loam. Moisture should be kept but not waterlogged and the preference of pH is about 6.5. Onions and peas make good companion plants to the white turnip, white potatoes and tomatoes do not.

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