Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gods And Goddesses: Hoori

Hoori is the god of hunting, the great-grandson of Amaterasu, the son of Ninigi and Konohanasakuya-hime and younger brother of Hoderi. Hoori is also called Fire Fade, Hohodemi, Yamasachihiko and Hikohohodemi.

Hoori once exchanged his hunting tools with his brother Hoderi, going to the sea to fish. Due to his inexperience fishing Hoori lost his brothers hook after spending a day by the seashore fishing. Hoori feared the reaction of Hoderi and asked an old man nearby for help. The old man guided Hoori, leading him to the palace under the sea.

Hoderi learnt of how Hoori lost his hook, promising not to forgive his brother until he brings back his hook. Hoori however met the daughter of Ryujin, Otohime, at the sea palace, staying with Otohime by her side for three years.

Due to waiting for so long Hoderi confronted the sea god Ryujin asking for the hook. Ryujin summoned his fish and found it. The hook was given to Hoori to guarantee that Hoderi would forgive Hoori. Hoori gave the hook back to Hoderi and despite the time it took to do so, Hoderi forgave Hoori.

Hoori eventually went on to marry Otohime and the two had a son. This caused Otohime to take on the form of a dragon.

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