Monday, June 18, 2012


One aspect of religion that I have personally found interesting is growing out hair, regardless if the hair is on the top of the head or on the face. Many people grow their hair due to religious reasons, yet when I look at the pagan community I seem to be unable to find anyone growing their hair for a religious reason.

Looking at the various pagan beliefs, it is rather diverse. It could easily be expected for some pagan women to cover their hair as a way to show modesty, others could let their hair grow to keep naturalistic, or do neither and hold a completely different view when it comes to their hair. It may simply be that people within the pagan community who grow their hair, beards and moustaches for religious reasons are a minority.

In a way this reminds me of the various interpretations of the Bible, where people can believe similar things but have differing interpretations of it. The obvious difference is that despite there being many Christians there is a diversity of beliefs and when compared to other religions, an even larger diversity of not only beliefs but also practices.

However, while a large number of people follow the teachings of the Bible, many seem to forget what is in it, one of the best known examples are obviously is the rule against consuming anything from the ocean besides fish. Interestingly, it is Leviticus that speaks against this which also speaks against shaving beards at 19:27. It shows a lack of seriousness and dedication to one’s religion by many. Perhaps today people care more about having a basic belief system rather dedicating themselves to religious texts or their particular philosophy. Admittedly, when it comes down to dealing with hair there are some rules regarding it in some schools and workforces, with the same applying even more so to beards and moustaches. In this age, people seem to be mostly free to do what they want with their locks.

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