Friday, December 28, 2012

Totem: Lobster

Lobsters are creatures of the sea known for being a "fancy" meal. When it first hatches it doesn't look like an adult lobster, but more of a bug. In its first five years of life it shall shed its shell up to 25 times with the lobster shedding its skin three times before it begins to look like an adult.

Due to how it grows, the lobster teaches the power of transformation, how we change as we grow and age. It is a fate that cannot be denied, as everyone will transform into a new person as they age.

When a lobster is young, it hides and waits for food to come by as if it reveals itself it is likely to be attacked within minutes by a fish. It is this experience that the lobster teaches the development of patience.

The lobster gives lessons on protection, on how to protect oneself and how to camouflage if it happens to be needed. Protection of the self is going to be needed sometime and the lobster is aware.

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